Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meet Bishop Talley.. #SITD15

I had the privilege of meeting Bishop David Talley of the Archdiocese of Atlanta this morning (Thursday).  As he told me of his long time ministry leading Toni's Camp -- a faith formation experience for people with ID with high school senior volunteers, I could tell he was a passionate servant.

He then volunteered to help me relocate the display table I was at too another room -- and quickly picked up the other end.  Together we made something small happen.  An accumulation of small changes eventually transform the world.

His work in Atlanta is unmistakable.  A fully architectural accessible parish so everyone would have access to the full life of community.  A commitment to serving all people as mutual co-laborers for the gospel. A passion for young people to live out the gospel message.  I look forward to hearing him speak later today.