Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcoming People with Disabilities - Conferences Summer 2013

In 2005, very few Bible colleges or seminaries offered any courses in disability ministry or theology.  Since then, many more cross discipline training opportunities have arisen.  These range from Jeff McNair's MA in Christian Disability Studies (CalBaptist - Riverside), to JAF (Joni and Friends) courses to occasional seminars and lecture series at colleges around the country.

If you would like to reach a substantial population of unchurched people, but just do not know how, there are some great resources coming up for the summer of 2013.

This summer, there will be four multi day conferences to choose from

  • Toronto, Canada; (July 15-19)
  • Lille, France (June 27-29)
  • Auckland, New Zeeland (July 1-3)
  • Shawnee, Kansas (June 10-15)
While each of them will be good, the one in Kansas will have a collaborative approach with sessions taught by faculty of both Central Baptist Theological Seminary and the Developmental Disability Center of the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

For more information, please download this flyer.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Accessibility Icon Project

Perceptions Matter --

With nearly 85% of the disabled population unchurched, what your ministry says before a person even gets in the door is just as important as the ministries inside the building.

The Accessible Icon Project has redesigned the typical lifeless logo into one is which is active and inviting.  Several major churches and Christian colleges have taken the initiative to adopt this as part of their missional approach.  The next time you stencil your parking lot, consider this.  It's just another little thing to intentionally make Christ accessible to everyone.